Snapchat Spectacles, which take photos and video, Going Viral

what is Snapchat spectacles snap glasses snap bots

What is Snapchat Spectacles Designed by Snap .Inc

Snap Inc the great company who invented the vast social network snapchat and snapchat spectacles which has been released in UK and Europe.Snapbot selling snap sepcticals snapchat glasses

Snap selling the snap spectacles using a special vending machine which is a cute looking device called Snapbot. It looks a bit like minions character. Having a nice amount of responding sounds built in. It also have a LCD video display screen that functions as an emotive eye .

Snapbot viral pic snapchat glasses on fire saleWhen any one approach to snapbot(Official vending machine) , An animated blinking eye appear on L.C.D. when you press button the L.C.D turns into Video screen and Show you how glasses look on you. You have to swipe your card select the colour you like within seconds when payment is complete. You will get your snapchat spectacles in your hand.

Buying Snap spectacles is very interesting. One of the reason snap spectacles going viral is it’s creative way to sell. Which is new and entertaining. Snapbot is not very complicated machine it only has 3 buttons. Apart from product quality the way of selling is the reason of fire in market.

Snapchat Spectacles contain a camera inbuilt in you can directly snap photos and videos from your glasses. Snap Spectacles approx costs ₹ 8381 . When snapchat spectacles released last year. It does not have any sign of recording is on. Which was opposed by people Because it can be breach in privacy.

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The latest version of snapchat spectacles has a beautiful notification light on the right. Snapchat glasses wirelessly connect to your mobile phone and transfer every data you recorded . Snap glasses have a quite funky look which suits almost every one.snapchat glasses notification litgh

In conclusion, snapchat glasses are very good gadget for the social media lover and travel lover . Going viral it is one of a kind looks nice over everyone. Another competition to google glasses are out. Snap spectacles not yet released in other places except Europe and US. Snap bot and Snapchat Spectacles have achieved a fun and magical theatrical experience. Here is a video check it out.

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