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Hey Guys! wanna watch/ stream torrent movie online without downloading, here’s a trick for you to watch torrent movies without downloading . You might have got irritated when you download a torrent movie and you cannot check weather the movie is HD or is fake or low quality torrent movie. Many time happens with us that on torrent it is written 720P but after full downloading we get to know it just is bad movie quality. So here is the way to get ahead of cheaters on torrent who make you download fake torrents. The way  is to stream torrent movies online without downloading.

Actually, torrent itself gives an option for its users to stream/watch movies without downloading them on web. This latest update of torrent is quite helpful for you but it is very rare chance of getting movie in good quality as it streams on web and this streaming is very slow that you won’t be able to see HD movie in time. So, instead of getting frustrated of buffering use this trick to stream torrent movie online without downloading or before downloading its helpful for having a quick check of video quality instead of getting bad torrent movie downloaded.

Let’s Stream Torrent Movie Online Without Downloading It

The best way to download HD movies for free is from torrent sites but their is no way to check the video’s quality before download, i will give you a trick to stream torrent movie online with out downloading in a very easy and efficient way. Their are many software available for you to stream torrent movie online without downloading. You just have to go to working torrent sites, search your favorite movie and copy-paste the magnate link in software. Here, i will show you procedure to use some software’s.

Amazing Software to Stream Torrent Movie Online Without Downloading for Free:

  • ROX Player : ROX Player is designed to be simple as possible for everyday usage. In spite of the easy user interface, ROX Player has an enormous potential playing all modern media formats.
  • BitX  : BitX torrent video player is  torrent streamer to download movie and  check its quality and also  download subtitles.
  • UTorrent : Utorrent is torrent downloader which comes with an added special feature of streaming the downloaded movie.

Steps to Stream Torrent Movie Without Download, Using ROXPLAYER

STEP 1: Download and install ROXPlayer from above link or click here for free download.

STEP 2: Now go to torrent site and search your favorite HD movie on torrent.

STEP 3: After downloading the torrent movie file, open ROXPlayer and GO to File -> open .torent -> .torent file.

STEP 4: Now a window pops up to locate the downloaded torrent file. just give its location and click on open.Now, it will take 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed but it will run the movie quickly.

STEP 5: Work over now enjoy your favorite movie or check its torrent movie quality before downloading torrent movie.

Steps to Stream Torrent Movie Without Download, Using Using UTORRENT(PRO)

STEP 1: Download from above link and install. Be sure that the version you are downloading is 3.0 or above with a pro version.

STEP 2: In this pro version of Utorrent  you will get a option to use the media playback of the videos which you want to download.

Steps to Stream Torrent Movie Without Download, Using ON ANDROID Phones

Guys if you use your android phone to download torrent movies and you need not to wait for hours and hours for a movie of a season to get downloaded. So, i have an android app for you which can help you out with your streaming problem. Their are many apps on play store for doing this work but most of them are not good enough to do your work efficiently.

To stream torrent movie without downloading in your android phone you can use Torrent Video Player- TVP Free. TVP is a very simple application which is easy to use and is very user friendly. So lets check out how to stream torrent movies in your android phone.

Steps Involved In Streaming/watching  Torrent movies  Using TVP
  1. Go to play store and download TVP or just click on this link.☺
  2. When installation finished, just open your browser and find your favorite torrent movies on this working torrent sites.
  3. Download .torrent file and then go to TVP app and browse for your torrent file.
  4. Wait for a few second for TVP to stream your video.

NOTE : We do not Support Piracy At all This Tutorial Is Just For Educational Purpose..

Finally ,now you will be able to get best of movie from torrent . And will be sure about the quality of movie that you download. I suggest you to use ROXPlayer because it is freeware and is a efficient software for streaming/watching torrent movies online without downloading. Finally if you like a article , share with your near  and dear ones as sharing is a powerful way of saying thanks. Drop a comment to  boost us  to write more for you☺.


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