Things To Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Smartphone buying guide you must consider before buying a smart phone

Smartphones are becoming a most necessary parts of our daily life, from making a voice call to playing high end games they have become so important that one can’t imagine a day without them. So this much importance leads us to the dilemma that what are the things to consider while buying a smartphone And trust me its one of the most difficult decision to take that which smartphone is build for you. So we are here back to help you again with some important things to consider while buying a smartphone.

Here we would try to cover every aspect of a smartphone which is needed to fulfill your usage of a smartphone and is totally meant for you. So, most of the time while surfing for a smartphone we usually watch-out for processor, RAM , camera, battery, screen size and type, OS and brand as per our convenience. their is always a special preference of person which is above all specifications like i like Samsung galaxy S series the most leave that and let me take you to the deep science of smartphones.

<–Warning :- After reading the article you will have great knowledge of smartphones And due to this your friends may disturb by taking your advice before buying their Smartphones –>

Things To Consider While Buying a Smartphone

Budget !![Most Important]

The first thing to consider while buying a smartphone is how much you gonna spend on it. Perhaps you read other smartphone buying guide and not heard about budget. But yes budget is the priority. Smartphones  ranging from ₹7000(150$) to ₹50000(750$) and its all about your budget that which brand and specification phone you buy. Their are a number of companies which offer efficient smartphone under a sum of ₹15000 only. So just first decide your budget and read the guide ahead to get your best beast among several. ☺

Special smartphone buying guide for girls

PROCESSORSmartphone buying guide how to check processor

Efficiency of a smartphone majorly depends on it processor. Processor do faster processing, good game-play(Considering GPU later) and efficient working. Processor’s clock speed is not the only measure, just watch for reviews versions and results of the processor. Processor and GPU work togather to provide you crispy and crystal clear display.

If you are a normal user using smartphone to just go on social media or do light works then go for light processor i mean which you can easily get in range of Rs 15000 like snapdragon 625(not a weak proccesor) but easily available for Rs 10000 in mi note 4. But for heavy load users snapdragon 652, snapdragon 820/21, apple A9X processor made smartphones, exynos 9X.

NOTE : Mediatek , snapdragon , exynos etc.. all are processors from different brand like exynos processors are made by Samsung , Snapdragon by Qualcomm  all have their best models like a flagship of mediatek is far better than snapdragon . So it doesn’t mean any brand is better than another you have to consider which range or which processor you are buying all have their pro’s and cons. So, don’t go on name better to google once.


Another aid to processor in a smartphones speed is its RAM[Random Access memory] which contributes majorly to a smartphone speed while multi tasking. A smartphone with 2-3 GB RAM is phone good, but it about how much amount of ram you get to use i.e. how much ram the maker leaves for you. Didn’t get that?? let me simplify it :- when you get a phone android and another default apps are pre-installed in it. As apps and android is installed it will eat up your RAM. hence you will get less ram to use.

DISPLAYCrispy display smartphone buying guide -techxpertz

The resolution and size of your smartphones screen affects your smartphone experience. It you often play high quality games, watch movies, edit photos you need a smartphone with extras.

Display quality influence your smartphone experience the most because bright colour and HD display enhances interaction of phone. Their are LCD and AMOLED screens to choose, AMOLED is quite better. LED are also getting better, brighter and sharper with QHD, full-Hd dispalys.[As i said Display is dependent on your processor and GPU]

CAMERASmartphone buying guide awesome camera -techxpertz

We are at a stage in evolution of smartphone where people like to see camera first, most of us use our phones as digital camera. Here also the number of megapixels don’t make that much difference, so i would suggest that don’t decide by seeing no’s just watch out for extra features like sensors,exposure, image quality, shutter speed and some extra to enhance your image quality. I would suggest see reviews of camera or get a hands-on experience of your device before buying.


Battery of a smartphone is a important feature to look out for coz you never want your phone to shut-off in middle of the day. So choose your smartphone wisely, a smartphone with anything less than 3000 mAh can create a problem for you. Choose a smartphone of 3500 mAh if you are a light user and heavy users can go for a smartphone with 4000 mAh or more.

Another thing to decide is weather the battery should be removable or not.  Phone’s with a non-removable provides an aids to its looks but for a removable battery you can carry extra battery to take it for longer time.


how to buy a smartphone detailed guide design

Look of smartphone matter a lot to most of the people specially girls. It totally depends on the users taste their are variations in edge from curved to sharp, also the body has options for metally, glass which look awesome and durable plastic bodies.

If your are prone to careless handling opt for a phone with metallic or plastic body, water-proof with gorilla glass. You can go for mettalic-glass body for good looks.


The smartphone industry is dominated by android for a long time a we mostly prefer it over others because its open-source but their are other os also, the most famous iOS is also a good choice due to its a more interactive and expressive messaging apps,  improved Siri and Home app that helps you control smart home gadgets.

Android been an open-source provides you versatility in user interface,  with latest version of android  Nougat you can do many more like multi-tasking, direct reply to notification, battery efficiency.But do get phones with latest os versions. Latest android update take time to come on other phones except google own pixel and pixel XL.


Their are other evolving special features of smartphones which make your smartphone special and different from other and lead your smartphones features. Their are some hardware also which unable you to extract more of your smartphone to test which of them you have in your pocket go : Android hardware test.

Wireless charging

There are many special feature out of them wireless charging is a major one. Charging your smartphone using a special pad without any cable just put your phone and it charges is a cool thing to have and show-off to your friends.

Fingerprint sensor

A security aid to smartphone enabling you to unlock your smartphone using your fingerprint and securing your smartphone more. You can pay through your smartphone use apple pay(in iOS), android pay or samsung pay.

This security feature of securing your using your fingerprint is now found in almost every smartphone, phones pricing as low as  ₹1000(200$) have this feature for you.

You can add one more security level to secure your files by hiding them under calculator app :How To Hide Private Picture and Video Files in Calculator.

Things to consider by girls before buying smartphone [Most of the girls will find this special guide Useful]

If you are a girl just leave that junk processors etc. Go for trusted brands like Samsung or Apple as you are not going to run big bulky games like GTA sanandreas on your phone processor don’t worth much consideration , have a look at camera go for a hands on mobile test don’t bother for mega pixels. I said apple and samsung because the have great looks as well as great camera .

All these feature fitting your choice together are the best things to consider while buying a smartphone  and help you choosing the best beast for you and lower the burned on your pocket. It all from techxpertz  stay tuned for more blasting trick which you can show off to your friend. For now just fool them and have fun trying this to tease them by changing your caller ID.

Choose your phone wisely and make the best out of what you spend.Finally, Thanks For reading, Comment and Share this article to your friend to help them out having a smartphone which is best for them Drop a comment to boost our writing motive for you ♥.

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