Don’t Use Ad-Blocker, Google to let publishers charge users for ad blockers

Google to let publishers charge for ad blocker

Do you use ad blocker ? I think of course you use infact i use it too. The clumsy ads on websites make us frustrated and the only step we can make is using an ad blocker . There are many ad block ad extensions .I ad block plus quite efficient in this work even it block ads on Youtube. Perhaps you know it but the way by which a publisher earns is ads and we just block it using an ad blocker. So we became quite selfish here we get the benefit and not even thank the publisher by allowing their ads.

The problem is web publishers to earn more they just make pop up and video ads with sound which make the user frustrated. And definitely he installs internet ad block extensions . Let me tell you pop up ads and click trigger ads are fully against google Adsense.

So to solve out the issue Google will let publishers to charge users for ad blocker.Soon, Google will enable publishers to ask their users who use ad-blockers for a small payment, as part of a push to improve the quality of advertisements and combat the rise of ad blockers. Rise of ad blockers is pulling down the revenue of the publishers and which will lead website blogs down who publish quality contents.

How Publishers Will Charge users for ad blockers?

The internet company is launching “funding choices” where publishers can set a price per page view for users using ad blockers to pay an amount or abandon their blockers and see the ads. Google will track how many pages people view and charge them through a new version of their Google Contributor service which is launching soon.

Google is also launching its own version of an ad-blocker which will be helpful to all users. It will block ads on websites that do not meet the standards , such as pop-ups or videos that play with sound or flashing lights.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice-president of ads and commerce at Google, said the whole industry needs to work together to combat the rise of ad blockers.

“Consumers are installing ad blockers because of bad, frustrating experiences,” he said. “They are very broad, blunt options that harm all publishers.”

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The latest update of google chrome will make ads experience better to user as well as publisher . There will be no popup and frustrating ads . This will surely make all user to stop using ad blocker . And if they still want to read content with ad blocker on they just have to pay little amount.

Scott Spencer, director of sustainable ads at Google, said the company had a “very positive response” from publishers. “This is a pretty big step forward,” he said.

Well it’s all. Now lets switch off ad blockers and let the publishers get there right. is ads free website till now so you can just white list it and i promise techxpertz will never serve you ads that frustrate you. So share it with your friends and make them aware about it. Thanks for reading, comment more ideas for taking a big step against ad blockers.

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