skills required to become a successful programmer

Programming is a easy looking, difficult to understand word . A Good programmer is not a word to be easily defined. Their is a huge list of programming skills and languages which have to be learned to become one of  best programmers in world. The skills to become successful programmer is a cluster of different skills which you need to add in your toolbox to become successful programmer.

First of all, to become successful programmer you need to look after some skills, as in this competitive ever evolving programming world you need to be very adaptive and skill gainer. For every programmer or someone who want’s  to become successful programming, the skills listed ahead will surely enhance your programming efficiency and give you best of  carrier a boast.


Following are some skills to become a successful programmer and achieve a high package as a programmer….

Work on basics:

A successful programmer is always good in basics of programming. Basics are building blocks of advanced programming languages and techniques. This core conceptual knowledge helpful in designing, developing and implementing best solution of problems. Now the question is What is basics ?? C” the mother language is my answer. Once you have mastered “C” you can go on any platform and show your amazing programming magic in addition C helps developing logics which are very important to become one of the best programmer in world. Sometimes people just jump to heavy or advanced languages like java , swift etc which probably they think is good. But without knowledge of basics they will never become one of best programmer in world. Understanding a particular language and even code is  not  much as to become efficient in programming without basic concepts.

Be ready to learn & help others:

Learning programming is a never ending process which continues on and on as you go through your programming carrier. The best way to learn programming skills is by helping your co-programmers to solve their problems.Helping other in their codes in a very good practice and will count for some in becoming a good programmer. Going through others problems helps you to know their way to understand and solve that problem. Always be ready to help others, this may get you promotion as you are showing your leadership skills and helping nature as well as enhance yours skill and will let you know where you can improve. Never hesitate in learning from others may be your senior or newcomers always aim at gain knowledge and  new techniques of programming.


Yes, laziness you heard right. It might sound weird but its laziness of a programmer which lets him\her to find new, easier and quicker ways to solve a problem with different thinking helping programmer to become one of the bests in the world. Analyzing and finding lazier (quicker and smarter) ways is a good skill. Companies always look for programmer who willingly find other ways to solve the same problem. Sometimes in company interviews, people are asked to slow a problem in different ways. This is a good skill to be learned to become a successful programmer.

Analyse the problem and write simple and understandable code:

Writing a easy understandable code it helps you while debugging your code. Simple codes are usually easy understandable and are quite code when you can opt for decoding, debugging. Work on analyzing the problem rest looks easier. Designing an algorithm is best thing to go with. Learning  Analysing a code is a good to achieve success in programming carrier. It actually gives you a quick access to you to create a programming. Indexing your code and adding comments is a impressive way to make your code more effective and easier for your team to work with you.

Failure handling

Code is something which is never 100% correct and efficient. It contains one or other fallback. The ability of a programmer to handle code failure can count for majors. A skillful programmer must learn to deal with errors the more you encounter errors and solve them will boost your knowledge. Failures of code is something which you encounter almost every new code you write.

Debug Like a Computer

To become successful programmer one must learn the skills to debug their code. Know what is the problem with the code and get into the depth of the code to get its solution. Debugging also helps to rectify all threats of the code which could have made program slower and vulnerable. Debugging skills are very important to become a successful programmer, it reduces time to find error in your code and correct them efficiently.

Teamwork skills

Working on project involves a team of programmers. A successful programmer must learn to work with team and lead them to get promotion in company. Leadership skill is a soft skill which gets you promotion in a company and programmers working on large scale projects should know how to lead a team to succes.

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In conclusion, These are some  skill to become successful programmer which you can learn to achieve heights in your programming carrier. You can learn these programming skills to boast  your programming carrier. It is difficult to become a good programmer as programming is not cup of tea for everyone, these skills to become successful programmer are important for a person  to become reputed programmer. I have personally learned this skill and found them quite useful and think they will help you too. So if you are missing some skill its high time to go and master it.  To become successful programmer my personal advice is to  first go for “C” it will support you in every language you will be leaning in future.

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