How To Record PC Screen Using VLC Media Player

HOW TO record pc screen with vlc media player free

Are you searching for a free screen recorder for you pc? if Yes just read ahead because we just bought a new trick to record screen in Full-HD quality with free software. Many great You-tubers use screen recording feature to make their game play videos. This amazing feature of your system is in-built for windows 10 users. But, if you are not a windows 10 user don’t worry we are here to help you. You just need VLC media player which is free of cost to record your screen. Finally lets know how to record PC screen with VLC media Player.

How To Record PC Screen Using VLC Media Player :-

VLC media player is one of the best media players that you can find on this planet. It supports almost every video format . It does not require any codecs and is very fast and efficient player with pro features and is  free of cost. One of its pro feature is it can record PC screen at high quality without lags. VLC enable you to record your screen in just a few simple steps:-


This steps are exactly same for all Operating systems. Their are minor differences, you can try them out with any of OS which you use.

STEP 1: Download & install the VLC media player if you don’t have one. Click HERE

STEP 2: Open your VLC media player. Then click on media-> Open Capture Device(in windows) OR File-> Open Capture Device(for Mac).


STEP 3: Click on the drop-down  under capture mode and select Desktop.Record your pc screen free with VLC media Player

STEP 4: You can change your quality setting. Set some other interesting stuff like frame-rate,etc and start recording your screen.

Record your pc screen free with VLC media Player

STEP 5: Now you will see the video in the list just right click on it and click hit the save button and save it where ever you want in your PC.

Their are a few drawbacks of using the VLC media player to record screen. It create a very huge file of GB’s requiring a compressor. It slower and their are well equipped application  to accomplish this task but due to this in built feature its a great media player for you.

Thats it from our part and the rest is  work of making video on VLC. It creates a video for you and save it at your desired location. For this Screen recording trick you don’t want any addition software, just an VLC media player is enough for  you to record a high quality screen capture. So guys enjoy recording your screen and show your work to people.

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