How to make MultiBoot USB Flash Drive for Free

How to create multiboot usb free windows

Guys, Have you ever heard about multiboot USB Flash Drive. In this versatile world their are many operating system available. All of them do some specific works and have their own field of expertise. Even a single operating system may have more than one revisions. It make it very difficult for the user to select right operating system for them. And even if you choose your their is a confusion between two-three OS on Which one to use.

So, their is a solution for this make a USB flash drive and install the OS when ever you want it for you. But wait, what if you want to switch between more than one OS for efficient working. So here the best way for you to make a USB bootable with multiple ISO’s installed in it and enjoy installing more than one operating system of your choice.I mean Multiboot USB Flash Drive. For windows user their is a very efficient application to install multiple OS using single pendrive i.e. to store ISO of more than one OS in single bootable drive in simple words multiboot USB Flash Drive.

How To Create MultiBoot Usb Flash Drive

I think you know how to create a bootable USB if not don’t Worry we have written a detailed tutorial on how to create bootable USB

Now, if you want multiple ISO’s in a single USB, having a choices of operating systems to install. If your system crashes. For windows users their an application known as ” WinSetupFromUSB” to put multiple operating systems in a single USB. For this you want a pen-drive with a high storage of 16GB or more(nearly 5GB required for an OS).

Creating a Multiboot USB With WinsetupfromUSB

Their are a few simple and efficient step which you can follow and create your own multi-boot pen-drive.

  1. Download and extract  WinSetupFromUSB.
  2. Connect the pen-drive which you want to use as multi-bootable pen-drive to your system.
  3.  Open WinSetupFromUSB from the setup according to your OS.
  4. Select you USB drive from the drop-down list(Refresh if required).
  5. Check Auto format it with FBinst. Choose then format supported for your installation(FAT32 or NTFS).How to create multibootable usb windows
  6. In Advanced option, check Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server Source exit it.
  7. Add your ISO file of your operating system and select it from drop-down list.                                      NOTE: In case of FAT32 for OS of size more than 4GB portioning is required.
  8. Click GO. here data deletion warning is shown but it ok.
  9. There are multiple warning for Portioning and all shown,All portion will be deleted warning.
  10. Now, select the win folder.Select Ok. Then select your boot-loader name.
  11. Click OK to load your first ISO file Into your USB drive.
  12. Now, as you are done with loading your first ISO file head toward your second ISO file loading procedure
  13. Restart the application and select your pen-drive in the drop-down.
  14. Click on Advanced option->Custom menu names for Vista/7/8/Server Source.
  15. Uncheck the Click Auto format with FBinst.
  16. Then add your new ISO file and click GO.

You can add more ISO file following the same procedure again. Now, enjoy having multiple ISO files in the same PenDrive and have a choice of more than one OS for you at the time of installation.

Make Multiboot USb Using YUMI – Your Universal Multiboot Installer

So, If you don’t Want to make a multiboot USB Flash Drive Using WinsetupFromUSB  we have another way to do the same i.e Make multiboot Pen drive absolutely free using YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer). To free download click here.

How to create multiboot usb pendrive using yumi

  1. Start the YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) program and click “I Agree terms“.
  2. Select your USB from the Drop-Down menu.
  3. Now click the Drop-Down menu and select “Windows Vista/7/8 Installer” then click browse and select the ISO file.
    [ Optional ] – You may also format the drive by selecting the Format checkbox
  4. Click next then Yes.  Wait for the Process to complete
  5. When the program completes it will ask you for adding another Distribution i.e Operating System
    click “Yes” if you want to add another Operating System.
    Repeat and That’s It You Will Get Your MultiBoot USB Flash Drive.

As of now its all from our side. Enjoy trying this trick and have a cluster of ISO choice’s for you at the same time in your bootable USB drive. Now, it your turn to go out experiment this amazing trick and explore maximum out of it and find some bug or a more interesting thing share with other by commenting.

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