How To Get Started In Ethical Hacking Full Guide

top tips to become ethical hacker using kali linux pentesting os

Hacking traditionally mean a gifted programmer who manipulate the code and accomplish the task which is not in the scope of purpose of its creation. First of all hacking is not just stealing or breaking security. If you will have a close look, ethical hacking can also be a high paying carrier .Yes you heard it right, if you are passionate about hacking. Just go for ethical hacking you will definitely have a 6 figure salary. If you are a beginner and want to learn ethical hacking this article will surely help you.

Things You Should Do Right Now for Learning Ethical Hacking:-

  1. Getting Friendly With Linux Pentration Testing OS Kali Linux

    May be you know about pentration testing Operating system Kali Linux. If not, don’t worry I will put Kali Linux in your knowledge. It is a Linux penetration testing OS used by almost every ethical hacker. This pentration testing OS known as Kali Linux comes with thousands of powerful hacking tools. This is the only Penetration Testing OS all you need for your further journey. The Best Thing about Kali Linux it’s free of cost, open source and user friendly.

  2. Find Good Source for Learning

    Hacking is a self-learning exercise but you won’t progress without a good master. Almost every time, the information available on the Internet is fragmented or too geeky. A good book or a teacher will simplify the things and will boost you progress. A book is always better to teach you topics in a detail easy to follow manner. If you are a newbie, the book “Hacking Secrets Exposed” is a perfect source for learning.

  3. Learn Programming

    If you really want to start hacking like an elite hacker, programming is something that you can’t skip. In programming there are many languages with ready made tools and programs to help you hack like a professional Ethical hacker .It is always better to have some basic understanding of programming languages like Paython,HTML, PHP and JavaScript hence you will be in a better position to figure out how things are working and what’s going on in the background. Nevertheless, there are hackers who are successful and they don’t know how to program at all.

  4. CEH [Certified Ethical Hacker] Certificate

    Prepare for CEH certificate it is very valuable. For becoming a certified ethical hacker appropriate certification from International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (the EC-Council) is required. Certification requires that you have to pass a 4-hour exam, which contains 125 multiple-choice questions and the exam costs $500.

How long it Take To learn Ethical Hacking?

Learning Hacking is a process that requires dedication and patients. Hence, you will get answer of the above question when you start learning ethical hacking using above proven ways.

In Conclusion I will say to for becoming a good Ethical hacker you need to know your goals. Finding flaws is most difficult if you start with multiple objectives. Practice to track a single goal till it is accomplished before you move on to the next one. Start now for the best results.

Finally best of Luck!! 


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