Kali Linux pentesting OS Installation Full Guide

How to install kali linux step by step guide by ethical hacker

So, as I told you before Kali Linux is best Linux pentration testing Operating System (OS).As per my knowledge there are lot of pentration testing OS because I just used Kali Linux as my first penetration testing OS. I seriously never felt requirement of any other penetration testing OS. So , my advice to you is just give Kali Linux a try for penetration testing .As it is Linux based pentration testing OS and is specifically made for pentration testing most of us will find it difficult to use it as our primary OS. Hence, the common ways for getting started with Kali Linux are:-

  1. Dual Boot Kali Linux with Any Windows.
  2. Install Kali in Virtual machine.
  3. Use Live booting kali Linux.

In this article .I will Cover How to dual boot kali with windows and use it as live booting. Finally let’s grab Linux penetration testing god Kali Linux. I hope you made your pen drive bootable for Kali Linux if not first do that.

Steps to Boot Kali Linux (Penetration Testing OS) with Windows:-

  1. Navigate to Graphical install and hit enter.
    graphical install kali linux step 1 kali linux install guide techxpertz
  2. The next screen will ask you to select your preferred language select it after it, select your location and hit Continue.step 2 kali linux language select kali linux install guide techxpertz
  3. It’ll now ask you for your key map. If you use the standard American English keyboard, then just click Continue.kali linux key map selectiong kali linux install guide techxpertz
  4. Wait until Kali Linux finishes detecting the hardware on your computer. During this, you might be presented with the screen below.
  5. Just hit Continue and select do not configure the network at this time on the next screen because it’s quite complicated.network configuration kali linux install guide techxpertz
  6. You will have to supply a hostname, which is kind of like a computer name. Give the name you like or just put Kali.Continue when you finish entering.host name kali linux kali linux install guide techxpertz
  7. Kali will now request a password for the root (main) account. Just write down the password because if you forget it, you’ll have to reinstall Kali Linux. Just Continue after you’ve supplied the password.kali linux password supply kali linux install guide techxpertz
  8. Now just Kali Linux OS will ask for your time zone, select it and click Continue. Wait until Kali detects the disk partitions. Select Guided – use entire disk.  Then click Continue.slecting partition full guide mode kali linux install guide techxpertz
  9. Installer will now confirm that you want to use this partition. Hit Continue.disk partition kali linux install guide techxpertz
  10. Another question about the partition will appear on screen. Select the option that says all files in one partition and hit Continue.kali-linux-install-full-guide-partition-schema
  11. Confirm you want to make these changes by selecting Finish partitioning and write changes to disk. Then hit Continue.finish partition kali linux install guide techxpertz
  12. The last question! Confirm that you want to make these changes by navigating the dot to yes and Using Continue.make changes to disk kali linux install guide techxpertz
  13. Kali will now start installation to your drive! Wait until it has completed, this might take upwards of 30 minutes.
    Alright, Kali just installed and will ask you for network mirror. You can just select No and hit Continuenetwork mirror kali linux install guide techxpertz
  14. After it (a few minutes after), the installer will ask you to install GRUB boot loader. Click Yes and Continue.boot loader grub kali linux install guide techxpertz
  15. The following notification message will appear .Click Continue.installation complete kali linux install guide techxpertz
  16. After it restarts, you are on “login” screen, now click on “Other…”login kali linux install guide techxpertz
  17. Use the username root in the box and press Enter or click “Log In,” or password could be toor.host name kali linux kali linux install guide techxpertzlogin screen kali linux installation full guide techxpertz

In conclusion , Since we just installed the penetration testing OS . We are ready to move into the ethical hacking world. You can start your first hack from the link below. I hope you loved the article hence just put your hands on kali and perform a pentest on your Wi-Fi. At last i will just say like share and enjoy.

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