Installing Any OS In VirtualBox Step By Step Guide

Install any os in vitualbox

Hey Guy, as I told you another way of using Kali Linux is VirtualBox lets just start. So , The amazing Linux pentration testing OS definitely talking about Kali Linux. May be a fire inside you just start bro want to make some amazing hacks. Isn’t it?. First thing very clear just installing “Kali Linux pentration testing OS” will not make you an Ethical hacker. It requires time and experience. Perhaps after installing you will say Nihal you just made me so excited  and it’s just a  black screen!!:-(. Bro the catch is the more you learn more you will enjoy Kali Linux. No one is Ethical hacker by birth and none of the windows lover ,loves Linux. But trust me guys you will enjoy a lot after learning some basics. So now let the installation of Kali Linux begin in virtualbox!!!In this tutorial i am focusing on kali Linux Installation, but it will work to install any OS just kernal version should be changed.

Lets Begin the Tutorial for Installing any OS in VirtualBox:-

What is a virtualbox ?

Its just a software that let you enjoy an operating system inside another operating system. Amazed? its an lovely invention . OK agree but Can we use a  Kali Linux pentration testing OS inside windows? yup you can that is amazing right ? .

Lets begin the Kali Linux Install !!!hehe HaHA HAAAAA

Beware neighbor soon i will get all you password and Download lot of torrents ;-). Just kidding rest of the use depends on You :-P. Hmmm by the way do you know torrentz website working without government problem? if not visit the below link!

Ohk Lets come to the topic. Follow the steps below:-

  1. Download the Vitual Box named Vmware.
  2. Install it , open it now click on the new button.
  3. Now you need to name the OS just name it as (windows / Kali Linux and the kernal will be 2.6 by default and most of the linux use that kernal only.)
    Virtual box kali linux installation ethicall hacking linux pentesting
  4. Time to allocate memory to your vitural box OS i am just alloting 512mb so that my os do not slow down.
    Virtualbox memory allocating kali linux pentesting os
  5. Now create a VirtualBox machine Hard drive just leave it default VMware will do it. “use an existing virtualBox hard drive file” to load an existing .vdi file. Click create now you have to select file type just it default to VDI(VirtualBox Disk Image).virtual box memory hard drive allocating in virtualbox kali linux pentesting osvirtual-box-installation-vdi hardisk
  6. Now storage type . You can choose it whether its dynamically allocated or fixed size. Again if you’re not sure about this, just leave it default. click next when finished.Virtual box installation dynamicaly allocating kali linux petesting os harddrive
  7. This window tell about file location and size, The location of  the disk image and its size. I give the name Kali Linux, then it will created one file named Kali Linux.vdi (This .vdi file can be used in step 5). In this example, I increase the size to 20GB, in case we want to update some application so the size will not exceed. Click Create when you finished.
    virtual box hard disk size allocation for kali linux pentesting os
  8. Almost done just now  you can see Kali Linux in vitural box window just Choose our newly created virtualBox image, and click setting button in that select system tab in system select processor and check “ENABLE PAE/NX”.
    KAli linux cpu optimization in virtual box
  9. Finally, Choose our newly created vitural box image and click start.
  10. The last step is to choose the start-up disk. I will use my Kali pentration testing ISO image on the screenshot below.If you want you can use start-up disk to boot directly from CD-Rom.That’s it, the next step you just need to follow the installation now you have to just follow the instructions installing the Kali Linux pentration testing Os. Just now follow the tutorial how to install Kali Linux pentration testing OS and enjoy ethical hacking.

In Conclusion, vitualBox is amazing software but you should be carefully because it may slow down your computer. And specifically for Kali Linux pentration testing OS i recommend use LIVE BOOT because if you use Kali in VirtualBox then you have to buy an WiFi adapter for using airodump-ng etc.


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