How To Run Android Apps On Windows/Linux/Mac PCs

How To Run Android Apps On windows/linux/Mac PCs

Hi guys running android phone, wondering how to run android apps them on windows,Mac or a linux machine. If you ever wanted to play up Clash of Clans and 8 Ball Poll on your computer to hike up your game play experience and win more to show-off. So, Here’s a solution for you on how to run android apps in your PC.

Run Android Apps On windows , Mac or a linux PC

Their are certain ways to use an android apps on any OS,

  • use Android Emulators: These are the gate-ways to use android apps in your laptops by creating an android environment in your system to run these android apps efficiently without any problem.
  • Dual-Boot : An windows PC that can run android too is a very good choice and these type of machines have an potential to run both Operating Systems.
  • ARChon runtime for chrome : It is an chrome extention which is googles try to run android apps on chrome browser. They are making apps to run on your laptop in chrome browser.
  • Android on intel Architecture(Android -IA): If you are thinking of buying a new laptop you can opt for these hybrid computers which have the power to install Android on your Windows 8 device using the dual-boot scenario.
  • Android- x86: It is project to port android to x86 platform to be run on Intel and AMD processors. This allows you to intall android on laptop just like windows.

Running Android Apps On Android Emulators

Android Emulators are most popular ways to run android apps on laptop, they create an android environment i.e. an android device which virtually acts on your computer device. Their are many emulators available there for use which can help you playing android apps, android emulator for pc download links are below

Using BlueStacks :

BlueStacks is most popular android emulators available in the market. It is a application to run apps of android in your Operating System(Mac Os or Windows).  This also gives easy app installation fro play-store. It as has a good performance and efficient usage.

Using Android studio emulator :

This is android’s official emulator which comes with Android SDK package. You can install and use it on any OS which you use. It provides complete use of android OS because it is intended for developer. Its slow and isn’t very efficient while playing games.

Running Android Apps On Chrome Browser

Google chrome’s ARC welder is an google chrome extension intended to run Android Apps on this browser. This was a foot step in making Chrome OS for Chrome books. All  android apps don’t run on this platform but their are a number of apps which run so, experiment on your self and find out which app run on it and also let everyone know by commenting below.

Using Dual-Boot or Android -IA

Their is also a very efficient way to convert your laptop into a lap-tab which supports both OS a windows and an android. Intel also putted an effort in same direction and created Android on Intel Architecture which was an effort to create all-in-one machine. Hybrid laptops using multiple OS are now common.

Here’s something helpful – How to make MultiBoot USB Flash Drive.

Using Android x86

Android x86 is OS which can be installed on your pc just as Windows or Mac. It unofficial initiative to run android OS on AMD and Intel x86 processors. It provides you an android UI in your PC.

These all effort correctly run android applications on laptop, some partially other fully but are efficent in their job.

If you want it only for enjoying android on PC, i would recommend you to use emulators which are easier to use rather than Installing OS. Using  Chrome has its own pros and cons and can be though of as a choice.

Finally, Try out thing, find new one’s and get going. If any new and better way found or you have any query just poke us in comment section. Make more use of this techniques and share with more friends. Stay tuned for more amazing tricks and tips on technology. 

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