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Facebook Hacking, one of the most black rated activities being performed and everyone fears of their accounts getting hacked. Everyone wants to enjoy safety and privacy while surfing Facebook but their are easy and common hacks which are used by hackers to access your account and snatch your privacy. Some expert hackers inject into Facebook database(very difficult process) to know passwords. Whereas some hacking tricks require only a little knowledge to pursue and hack Facebook account. One of the Most search trick on web is how to hack Facebook Accounts. 

Every tech-geek desires to show-off his/her skills by hacking Facebook accounts. In recent years Facebook advancements have made it difficult to pursue such activities. But still ways exist to hack  your account and  ruin your personal life. So, here are the most common tricks which can fool you and hack your social media account.

How To Hack Facebook Account

Hacking is essential to find bugs and back gates for betterment of Facebook. Facebook has evolved its security over years and is very safe to work on. But at indivisual level some mistake can ruin the fun. Many ways exist to hack Facebook account, you will learn most accurate and common of them which need a little technical knowledge

Note : This article is intended only for informational purpose. We do not support any sort of illegal activities. 

Facebook Hacking Tricks

There are many tricks by which you can hack Facebook accounts. here we will tell top methods to hack Facebook and prevention from such hacking activities.

  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Password Grabbing
  • Key Logging


Phishing is a easy technique to grab Facebook passwords but requires some knowledge of web development. It’s most popular trick to fool people and hack Facebook account.

How Phishing Works

In phishing Technique, page looking similar to popular websites page is created to steal passwords and other important information of the user. A page is created and uploaded which look same as Facebook.  These urls can be / / / . The user visits this page thinking its Facebook and fill-up login details. This detail is stored in database and user is diverted to Facebook.

For example, Akash has good programming knowledge and he wanted to peek into his girlfriends facebook. He made a page and scripted it to save login Id and password of the user to his database  and uploaded with url “” thats it her Facebook account got hacked and Akash now know all her deep secrets😜. Phishing traps people by ways like sending mails and messages containing links of this phishing page.

 Protection Against Phishing

A Phishing technique can hack Facebook account by reaching you in many ways. These may include email, personal messages, FB messages, Website ads etc which lead you to a Facebook like login page. So please to look at the URL of the login page before entering your details.

  1. Check address of the page you are using.
  2. Match it with this 

Browse safe and stay away from Phishing.

Social Engineering

Its is actually not a hacking method but it can cause your FB account hacked by your mates. In social engineering method usually the use of Facebook’s account recovery option. The hacker must have all basic information like boyfriends/girlfriends name and contact, date of birth, contact number, nick name, family information, birth place, etc.

This information is used in recovery question to hack Facebook account. These questions are very basic and can include any of the above information. So a near friend of you can hack you account using this information by Facebook’s forget password feature.

Protection Against Social Engineering

You should not have a week security question who’s answer can easily be guessed instead have an self made security question if possible to add an point to security giving an answer which is difficult to answer.  Add an extra security with login notification and two step verification features of Facebook. A Two step login verification send an OTP after enternig the password which is login code for your login.

Password Grabbing

Password Grabbing technique is commonly to know the password to hack Facebook account. This hacking technique requires expertise hacking skill so that you can hack small websites which require login and then use these password on Facebook account and hack it.  Most of the people use the same password for Facebook account and some other website to remember them easily hackers hack these website’s database and get your Facebook Password and Hack your Facebook account quickly. 

Protection Against Password Grabbing

Never trust any low quality websites which can hacked. Making your password known to hackers. Always remember never take same password for two sites change at-least something in them and make you accounts save. If you have problem in make passwords i would recommend you to know How To Make Strong Password in minutes which is almost impossible to hack. 

If you are a tech-geeky person then these tricks are for you only. So, give them a try

Third Party Application Hack

Their are many third party application available on the web. These applications get linked with your Facebook account to gain access to you accounts by your choice. We often ignore these but they may include sharing post and image from your account. These third party application are intended to promote parent page using your account. These applications can not do hacking activity. But these application can steal your personal  information.

Third party application can do:

  • Post photos and status update
  • Share link to your timeline or to any group you belong
  • Manage your page
  • Post on behalf of you on the Facebook pages you own
  • Access your personal information
  • Access your photos including “Only me” privacy photos.
  • Some times they can access your mobile photos using  Facebook vulnerabilities (they get fixed and found every day).

Protection Against Application Hack

Always check what are the permissions you are giving to the third party software to access your Facebook account while using them. Also keep track of all the applications that have privilege to access some part of your account. If you donot know where to go Click Here and belive me its not a fake page.

These hacks can hack accounts only when you become careless. Their is are techniques which are efficient in their work. These activities require expertise in hacking and why a hacker wants to hack you account.

 Be aware show your smartness don’t get fouled and stay secure.

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