How To Hide Private Picture and Video Files in Calculator

how to hide pics picture photos videos in calculator file hiderGuys, We all have some secrets which we never share with any one. Some photos, video clip, sound-clips which are so suspicious that you don’t want to share with anyone and are afraid that no one could peek them.So here is a trick how to hide files in android using calculator from all those annoying friends who keep-on peeking into your smartphone and try to open every thing available. There are applications which let you hide your private data but they actually seem to be doing other sorts of works like calculator, audio managing, tip calculator,etc. These android file hiders are efficient in their work and hide file in android smartphone.

Hide  files in android using calculator or other similar applications is a very efficient way to privatise your data. Hiding your files with normal file hiders can make your near ones more suspicious and curios about the data that you are trying hide and ultimately your secrets get abolished. So guys here are some interesting and efficient apps that can help you out with hiding your files. Forget all old trick of making system folder and hiding your files there and using file managers to change extensions of your files to hide files in android. Here are some helpful applications which can help you with hiding your secret files. They don’t let your friends peek into them and as they  pretend to do some other works like calculations, managing audio,currency conversion,etc.

Hide files in android

Guys! Their are various application on play store which help you out with hiding your files. These applications truly will help you with your problems but be aware of fake applications!. Here is one application for you to hide you files in your phone under a calculator type application.

Hide files using Smart hide calculator

Yup!, a calculator you read right its a calculator which hide your files in your smartphone and it acts exactly as a calculator which actually hides your pics and videos with its front interface as calculator. Pretend like  like a calculator application to all everyone specially to those from which you  want to hide your personal file and believe me your secret key is the “=” yes its your secret key to your secure hider be secure don’t tell anayone.

Privatise your files using smart hide calculator

Step 1: Download and install smart hide calculator from google play store.

Step 2: Open the app after installation. Here, it prompts to set a password, do set a strong and memorable password.

Step 3: Once password is set it will take you back to functional calculator which everyone would see.

Step 4: Get into the menu by entering the password and then “=”(your secret key). Now, you can hide file in android smartphone from other.

Step 5: This menu lets you hide and unhide files, video and movies you downloaded.

This is an efficient application to hide your secret file in your smartphone. Follow some simple steps to hide and fool others and secure your files in a calculator.

There are  many other applications to hide your secrate files from others which are efficient in their job. If you don’t want to use this calculator app here are some other applications which you can use and hide file in android……….

You can use any of this applications to hide your private data in your android smartphone.

At last guys stay secure, privatise your files hide them from people whom you don’t wanna show. Android lets you do much amazing stuff and has an application for almost every problem related to it. So if you have any ask them in comment we would definately help you to sort your problems. Finally, Thanks For reading, Comment and Share this article May be one of your friend suffering from annoying people peeking into his private file Drop a comment to boost our writing motive for you ♥.

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