How To Hack or Spy On Whatsapp Messages [100% Working]

how to spy or hack whatsapp messenger account messagesPeeking into your friends messaging application is one of the most joyful thing that one do. Specially WhatsApp account are the most demanded messenger and many peoples want to hack it.Want to secretly find with whom your boyfriend or girlfriend is chatting? Just spy on WhatsApp messenger and know every deepest secret they are hiding from you. If you don’t want yourself to be a culprit then just read the defend section’s and safe guard your self or click here.

Lets spy on whatsapp messages / Hack Whatsapp

Their are several different ways to hack whatsapp or spy on whatsapp messages. Here are some easy ,quick and working ways to spy on whatsapp messages of your friend’s account and know their deepest secret. Many of the tricks may require your phone to be rooted but if your phone is not rooted don’t be sad they are also suitable for some spying methods.

Spying WhatApp messenger is one of the most searched trick or tutorial on web. Obviously every-one is very keen to peek and know about their near one’s personal life. Spy on WhatsApp conversation is not very difficult task. Most of whatsapp  monitoring app and whatsapp msg hacker apps  are waste they doesn’t work.

Why Do whatsapp  monitoring app,whatsapp msg hacker apps,Hack whatsapp by phone number doesn’t work

Most of these whatsapp  monitoring app and whatsapp msg hacker apps claim to work online and hack victim’s whatsapp data using server. But my friend it is almost impossible to hack a vast server by just an app. By the way whatsapp messenger has end to end encryption so forget everything about hacking it online . There are some ways to hack or spy on whatsapp messages which works definitely. The ways which definitely work are listed below.

Hack or SPY on Whatsapp Messages Mac Spoofing

Mac Spoofing is easy method to spy WhatApp by knowing the only the Mac Address of his smartphone.A media access control address (MAC address) of a computer is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It is also known as physical address or Ethernet or LAN address.[from wikipedia click here to read more]

To know someones Mac address just give him a free internet hotspot from your smartphone for some time and go to your hotspot setting -> select device in shows his Mac Address. Copy down the code it looks like this one 14:32:D1:53:B4:34:AC. If  you want to copy it from their mobile . You have to physically access their phone to whatsapp chat spy.

  • Setting -> General -> About -> Wi-Fi Address.
  • To find Mac Address on android: Setting -> About phone -> Status ->Wi-FI Mac Address.

how to find mac address of your mobile phone

Now as you have the Mac-Address of your friends phone, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall / Disable WhatsApp from your mobile.
  2. Change your Mac Address with the noted Mac Address(Spy Address ), For this you have to root your smartphone or some applications may work for you(Mac Address Ghost,etc )to ease this task.
  3. Re-install WhatApp on your phone with new Mac Address , and enter the persons phone number whose WhatsApp you want to spy.
  4. Here you need culprits smartphone for a while to copy down the activation code of WhatsApp. If you can please delete this message.
  5. RE-set the original Mac Address of your phone.

If you performed all the steps accurately then bingo you have succeeded in spying your friends WhatApp account. All messages, photos and videos will automatically be loaded on your phones WhatsApp.

How to defend yourself ?

Spying is an illegal practice, and we just give information to you to save guard your self and its not our responsibility if anyone misuse this information. However, it is good to know the ways to defend yourself, so do not give your phones to others and secure your settings and message and do not connect to suspicious Wi-Fi network because Mac Address is very important so don’t share it.


WhatApp launched its a way to use WhatApp messenger on your PC or Mac. This is WhatsApp Web launched to use WhatsApp on your systems but it introduced risks to the safety of its users. WhatsApp web introduced a new service to user to surf through web but its has no security because all of its services require scanning of a QR to access your WhatsApp account. You can stay connected as long as you don’t logout.  Login and leave your browser minimized. Now you can watch every message your friend have received.

How to defend yourself ?

WhatsApp -> WhatsApp Web, check here if a bar-code scanner appears then no one is reading WhatsApp messages and. If devices appears then click log of all devices if you are not using WhatsApp Web from all pcs.

hack or spy on whatsapp messenger account using whatsapp web solution


Their are many application which you can use to spy on others WhatsApp accounts. These applications are paid but you need not to pay much for this application.


Mspy is an advanced tool allowing you to spy on messaging apps (WhatsApp,spanchat, skype, etc) and keep track of their web history, gps locations, etc. It is a very simple and effective spy application for WhatApp. It is selling spy software and apps for Android, iphone, Windows, etc. This software motinors all activites of your prey’s WhatsApp account.

Mspy also lets you find the real time map position of prey using GPS system of their phone and know where they are. Mspy is a very easy  to download, install and use even if you are not a very tech friendly. It is a paid application but i think its nearly inexpensive(20-25 ruppee per day).

If you are a tech freak you may like:

NOTE: this article is intended  for informational purpose and software are also intended for legal uses and we do not support any kind of illegal act.

Finally, many of your friends may be unaware of this spy tricks. So share this and help them to safeguard their accounts from people who spy on them. Also feel free to share any of your experience and problems you are facing.

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