How to Fix a Slow Android Phone Without ROOT

Fix a Slow Android Phone without root

Did you purchased your smartphone or a tablet a year ago or more than that. And now you find it slow and get frustrated while using your dead slow android? if yes here is solution to fix a slow android phone and can even speed up tablet performance.

This trick does’t require any root access . So don’t worry about voiding your phone’s warranty.  Finally let’s began.

How to Fix a Slow Android Phone [No Root Required]

What Makes an Android So Slow?

Do you know what exactly the problem is ? why your smartphone lags or why it is low? . Let me tell you now a days applications demands more ram to run smoothly, as animation and transition in them are increased. But a smartphone ram is limited may be 1GB,1.5Gb etc.

So, your android can’t manage many apps at the same time and it stops working . This is what we call a lag. You may think the only solution is to buy a new android smartphone but no we have some solution which can help you to fix slow speed of your android smartphone to some extent and prevent lags.

Finding Reasons for Lags and fixing them to Speed Up Smartphone

speed up slow android phone without rooting

There are many reasons due to which your android smartphone can lag and these are easy to address and solve. Here we consider some very frequent and important once to solve and boost speed of  your lagging android smartphone.

More Load On Inbuilt Memory of your Android Smartphone

One of the most obvious but ignored problem which occurs in smartphone is loading of phone’s inbuilt memory(device memory) which make  your smartphone lag. Your phone’s device memory is a limited storage which is inbuilt in your phone.

All applications use this internal memory as their default memory to store the files for faster and efficient reuse. But this create bulky load onto internal memory.Since memory is filled up, whenever any app wants to load data it have to search the full bulk to get a specific file.

This problem can be quickly minimized by following these steps:

  • Change the default storage location of applications and utilities(camera, Whatspp,etc.) to external memory card.
  • Delete all unwanted obb files and images from internal memory.
  • Move all images, sound clips, videos to external memory card.


RAM (Ramdom Access Memory ) is the most obvious and major reason of lagging smartphones in current days. Many of the smartphone of an year ago come with 1 GB of RAM but now this RAM is insufficient for that smartphones to match up with latest apps(only Facebook app uses nearly 100 mb of RAM). So this makes your phone lag and now you need to increase RAM of smartphone that you are using and this is very important part of your smartphone. Theses are a few ways to quickly get over filling RAM :

  • DISABLE APPLICATIONS: Some inbuilt application of your smartphone(specially google app like play, book , movies,etc.) which take up RAM and needed to be cleared properly.
    To clear RAM go to Setting -> App/Applications Manager -> Apps currently on device -> disable.
  • DISABLE ANIMATIONS: Smartphone applications often take-up RAM and should be disable. To disable these you need access to Developer options. To  enable Developer options go to setting -> about phone -> tap on build number until it notifies you have become developer(its save until you poke). Once done go to Settings -> Developer options. Disable this :
    1. Window animation scale (from 1X to off).
    2. Transition animation scale ( 1X to off).
    3. Animation duration scale( 1X to off).

NOTE : Please do not change any of the other options without knowledge because some can create great problem for you.

  • Close applications that you are not using. It makes more RAM available for you to use and play on with this also reduces pressure on your CPU which increases the speed for your smartphone and makes it more efficient. You can use managing applications to do this work frequently for you just set the frequency and all RAM consuming useless applications. This is one of the most efficient way to Fix a Slow Android Phone With No ROOT


Keeping track of your smartphones CPU load and battery usage. Phones which have more low power processors can create a havoc while working with high power consuming  applications. This also heats up your smartphone and consume more power of your smartphone. These applications can make your smartphone a hell and frustrate you. So, watch out these usage of your CPU by application and clear up those consuming most of your phones power.

You can try out some of these tricks as these tricks are highly helpful to Fix a Slow Android Phone With No ROOT and make your phone a better one without spending even a penny and match the speeds of smartphones of your friends who had spent a huge amount on buying new smartphones and show-up your smartness. These will not make your phone the best but can make your phone a better one to deal with.

Even after applying all these tricks to your smartphone, if you are not satisfied and have decided to buy a new one here’s something helpful:

Also here are some more good stuffs to keep up your smartphone:

Finally, now you can Fix a Slow Android Phone With No ROOT  and make it work Smooth. Also, please do share it to your friend may be they can make their better and fasten their working. If you know any thing which is worth helpful please share with everyone in comment section.

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