How To Enable Hidden Dark Mode In Youtube

How to enable dark mode in youtube switch off youtube lights

Watching video’s on youtube is always a fun for everybody. We usually stream trending  video’s on youtube. Visiting youtube and watching videos is a very often practice for all of us and many of the regular users of youtube find its old fashioned red and white UI boring and frustrating. So here a way to change that old fashioned red and white youtube UI with a new bolder black UI called youtube’s DARK MODE. So here is how to enable dark mode in youtube using Google Chrome browser with this simple steps.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Youtube

Turning on youtube’s dark mode which looks very good and soothing user interface. This dark mode of youtube is available only for Google Chrome only. For other browsers it become’s very haptic to change just a single UI, there is a long procedure of installing extensions and finding’s to apply this change but in case of Google Chrome there are some simple steps requiring less than a minute to go on youtube’s dark mode. So turn off the lights and Youtube!!

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Follow these easy steps and turn you youtube’s interface to a bolder looking amazing black interface by entering into youtube’s dark mode. It will take a few minutes for you to enable youtube’s dark mode:

  1. Open chrome  browser and open youtube in it. If you don’t have Google Chrome download it here.
  2. Login to your youtube account obviously one of the major step to enable youtube’s hidden mode.
  3. Now, Open Google Chrome developers tools:
    To open devtools use:

    • Ctrl+Shift+I for windows.
    • Cmd+Opt+I for Mac.
  4. Click on console tab at the top of developer tools.
  5. In this console tab paste the following link and hit enter:  
    document.cookie= “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; path=/” 
  6. Close the developer tool and reload the youtube page.
  7. Click on the profile and top-right of your browser tab and select the dark mode. Then toggle the switch at Activate dark mode at the bottom.

Now, switch-off the light and enjoy your favorate youtube video on youtube with its amazing new dark mode. It’s a bold new look for you and kill your boredom forever. Thanks For reading, Comment and Share this article may be your friends are getting bored using the old fashioned red and white youtube user interface and you can help them for this. Drop a comment to boost our writing motive for you ♥.

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