How To Create Strong Password

How to create a very strong password full guide


Everybody visits social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter  regularly, its an amazing place to stay at and many of us have secretes in these sites which should never be disclosed really never… Everyone of us need to have a secure browsing with save logins. So, we usually create very complicated passwords to safeguard our accounts sometimes these passwords get so complicated that even we don’t remember some times, it becomes so difficult. To solve this problem we have for you a trick on how to create strong password that even Nasa can’t crack. Many users use their name and date births in combinations or alone as their passwords.

We were trying to solve this problem so we conducted a small survey with some friends including some techno-geeks. Enquired them about the problem they faced in creating and remembering a strong password. We also asked some specific questions to them on their passwords:

  1. What was the last password they used? why and when did they changed it?
  2. What is base of their passwords, do they have one?
  3. Do they use any password manager and how do they manage these passwords?

The results came out to be very interesting nearly 80% if the people don’t knew how to create strong password and manage them. Most of them do not use any common base for their passwords. Some of them use notepads or word pads to memorise their passwords. So, we have tried to make some strong  generalised passwords technique which everyone can try and use. Use these trick create a password designated only for them and secure Facebook accounts. They may be useful to you and at the end you will be able to make your own strong password which no one can crack but you can remember.

Guide To Create Strong Password:-

Every techno-geek knows that the god to penetration testing Kali Linux OS is the best for penetration testing and cracking password using Kali Linux and breaking securities. We have tried these password on it, they are so strong password that they slowed down even linux cracking. Go throw this article and learn how to create strong passwords which are easy to memorise. These passwords can boast up security and secure you Wi-fi networks, Gmail, Facebook, yahoo, Adsense, etc. You may think memorising password require a password manager. You will never require them if you use these, your memory has a better storage then it.

Steps to create strong password

There are several ways to create a strong passwords and easily memorise them. You will find some trick fake or of no use but we have tested them. These tricks make really strong passwords I will tell you a few of them.

  • Memorise Passwords with your favourites:

   Take a favourite site or movie which is your all time favourite and you would not forget. For instance, “I Love Reading Article at TechXpertz”. Now, Lets code this as an amazing password which you can use everywhere and remember for ever : [email protected]!”,  Lets say it as passcodding(password coding).  This password we made is so strong that it will take 70-75 years to crack.

How We Made The Password: 

Sentence: I Love Reading at TechXpertz

Now, just take the first character of each word “I Love Reading Articles”, you can make it more difficult by altering the cases like “IlRa” or “iLrA”. use a symbol like i used “@” for at. then pick first letters of the word like Techxpertz and then use a symbol. Then bingo you created un-hackable password. You can use any favourite like movie, site, song ,country,etc. Even your Girlfriend’s name will also do.

lets take some more examples to make you clear how to make them:

  • “My favourite singer is badshah” pass-coded as MfS:Badshah.
  • “I love to go india” pass-coded as [email protected]

 After you applied this pass coding to your line add one more difficulty to it. Add first 2 letter’s of the website you are using like add FB for Facebook , gl for Gmail, etc with some character. It make your password specific for a web-site.

  • Easy remember for easy words 

Lets take one more pass-coding technique, it all about your email for which you are creating password. fsor example: I am creating a gmail password it would be like “@gmailacc”. Its also an efficient one and easy to remember one which you can use.

Guys these password tricks really make strong passwords which are easy to remember and hard to crack. You can make you own personalised password which is almost impossible to hack. Lock down your social network with this amazing password creation technique and go safe.

Password Managers 

Password managers are external software which help you to manage all  your passwords and suggest some passwords which are really impossible to hack but you can never remember them. These passwords look like “ @HtfceD3#f ”, you can never remember them i think. In my opinion you don’t require to use these softwares, we only have a few id’s and remembering their passwords is quite easy sort, these are for company people caring number of ids with them and are enable to remember such a huge amount of passwords. but any ways if you think you need one there is a huge list of password managers : pass password manager, Dashlane, KeePassX, Sticky Password etc.

So, try these tricks and create some easy to remember strong password to safeguard you web-id’s and go secure. Take you security to a level up. May be many of your friends are suffering from same problem so share it with them. I always say sharing is caring  so show your love. And all queries are praised. Also share your difficulties we would be glad if can help.


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