How To Create Very Strong Password Even NASA Can’t Crack

How to create a very strong password full guide

I conducted a small survey in my friend circle including some tech geeky strangers in malls.  In that survey, I asked them :-

  1. Last password used by them and where they used it
  2. If they use any password manager to manage their password and if not how they manage passwords.

Guys what I noticed is many of internet users don’t have idea about how to create a strong password and some of them uses Notepad, MS word, Open Office to store passwords. So, In this article I am just going to tell you how to create a very strong and non-forgettable password.

Guide To Create a Very Very strong password:-

As you all know Kali Linux Pentesting OS god of penetration testing is there to crack passwords and break securities. But we can still create a very strong password to slow down cracking of Linux pentesting OS. Just after reading the guide you will one of the toughest password maker and can make your friends amazed by challenging them to crack your password even after providing a very nice hint. Use these passwords for boosting up security of Wi-Fi networks, Gmail, Facebook, yahoo, Adsense etc. accounts.
Another most important question “Should we use password manager software?” answer is No,Because you will not need it.

Don’ts for creating Very Strong Password

  • Don’t Use repeated pattern.
  • Never to use phone number or name in your password.
  • Never to use or include name in your password.
  • Never to use your favorite movie, game, song names directly as password.

Steps to create a very strong password

Let’s create a favorite line which you will never forget for instance let’s take “I Love Reading Articles at TechXpertz“. We will use this line but in coded way  so we will use this as  “[email protected]!! ” I call it as passcoding(password – coding or encrypting). This password we made in minutes will require 97 years to get cracked.

How we made the password:-

Sentence: I Love Reading Articles at TechXpertz

Password: [email protected]!!

I just took first letters of “I Love Reading Articles” so we got “ILRA” making them alternate Capital and small Hence “IlRa“. Then, I used “at” as symbol “@” and picked up starting four letters of TechXpertz and put the “T” capital. Finally putting 2 exclamation marks by my side.

So on final combining all we get [email protected]!!”

Patterns you can use generally of course you can create your own
  • Alternate Capital and Small.
  • Using your favorite number in starting or at last.
  • Keeping symbols of your choice at middle.

Many more combinations depending on your creativity. Simply the key to a strong password is using your favorite sentence and passcoding it according to you, putting some personal touch .Then, boom your strong password is ready.

It’s always advisable not to use same password for every account too many passwords will again force us to move our step to password manager .What now? Still no need to use password manager once you created password of your choice you will not forget it as it’s a favorite sentence. Now for example modify it, like this for different accounts

  • Facebook: – f[email protected]!!b       (used fb {f at start and b at last})
  • Gmail: –        g[email protected]!!l        (used Gl {G at first and l at last})
  • Yahoo: –       y[email protected]!!o       (used yo {y at start and o at last })

Etc. Etc according to your choice.

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Password Manager

I never used any password manager tool but heard about pass password manager. I will not recommend you from my side to use pass password manage. First try not to use any password manager but yup if you need it you can use any like pass password manager, Dashlane, KeePassX, Sticky Password etc.

In conclusion, one of the basic need of internet user is to secure accounts using password. And for better security our password should be tough. I think you will now be able to create a very strong and remember-able password. If any question or query just drop a comment. Thanks for reading , show your love by sharing it with your friends.

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