How To Make Bootable USB for Every OS

How to create bootable USB using rufus wintobootic bootable pendrive

Hey Guys, In this tutorial I am going to describe the way to create bootable USB for any OS. This tutorial not only for Ethical Hacker making a bootable USB is useful for everyone. I will explain how to create a bootable USB of a windows or a Linux (Especially for Kali Linux Pentration Testing OS) I am confident that this trick can make bootable USB for any Linux. The reason we all need bootable USB is it is easy to carry and USB boot is much much faster than DVD. So let’s start making a bootable USB.

Most Famous Tool Used For Making Bootable USB:

  • Rufus USBrufus usb bootable USB screen shot making bootable pendrive

    Rufus USB one of the most famous tool for the purpose, but I have no personal opinion about Rufus USB because I never used it. My friends used it and provide a very good feedback. So I thought I should share it with you.

    Features of Rufus USB:

    • Windows XP or later, 32 or 64 bit doesn’t matter.
    • Once downloaded, the application is ready to use.
    • Rufus USB has size just 916KB.
    • Free Download Available Click Here.
  • WinToBootic

    My favorite software to do the job done. It is super user friendly and super-fast. My friends don’t like it because it is just work for windows not for Linux (especially Kali Linux pentration testing OS) WinToBootic size is just 874 KB smaller that Rufus USB. Have a look at below image.


    Features of WinToBootic

    • Super Fast .
    • Work for only windows.
    • WinToBootic has size Just 874Kb.
    • Free Download Available Click here.
  • Linux Live USB Creator

    My favorite Bootable pen drive creatorYou Know Why?? Because when we create Kali Linux Live USB then it just make bootable pen drive then it enable us to use the remaining space for data transfer.

    Features of Linux Live USB Creatorcreate bootable usb of linux pentesting os kali linux


In conclusion , you can use any of the three software for making bootable usb . It depends on the usage and your liking. But one personal advice use Linux Live usb creator for creating Kali Linux Pentesting OS because you can use the remaining space in bootable pendrive. One more many people use power ISO to make bootable Pendrive but as it is a paid software i don’t recommend it.


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