Android Storage Space Running Out Fix without root

android storage space running out fixIs your Android Storage Space Running Out ? need a fix. You are at the right place i wrote this article after a detailed web research on how to increase phone storage for installing apps . And in this article i will explain all the factors which i tried and are working to fix the issue android storage space running out in every android mostly in Samsung Androids ☺.

Why We Face Android Storage Space Running Out Issue?

Actually, a specific space is issued for android system and apps by the device maker. But as we install too many heavy application they start eating internal space and finally Android Storage Space Running Out error stick in our notification bar. Which Really make us frustrated and force us to uninstall favorite apps like facebook, instagram, games etc and some time even whatsapp. After that sticky notification popup “Android Storage Space Running Out” all we get to install are low memory games some times the problem reaches the height and at last we have to factory reset the phone. After factory reset just for few days the phone works fine and again the problem starts. Right?

Mostly samsung phones face this issue because they contain bolt wares. bolt wares are apps that come preinstalled in android phone just like samsung s health, galaxy store etc etc. So the way to kick out Android Storage Space Running Out Issue is to free phone memory.  To increase phone storage we will remove these bolt wares and ultimately  this will make space for apps on android phone. Finally, let’s see how to make space for apps on android phone.

How to Fix Android Storage Space Running Out Issue ☺

Fixing this issue is not a rocket science we are just increasing internal phone storage of android phone or you can say we are making space to install apps on android phone. This will surely save you from installing low memory games. Steps to fix Android Storage Space Running Out Issue  are :

  1. First and most important Turn Auto Updates Off From Play Store.
    GOTO: Play Store -> Options -> Setting -> Auto-Update apps -> Do not auto-update apps
    app to increase internal memory of andorid phone
  2. Now open settings -> Application Manager -> All -> Then  select applications Mentioned below -> Uninstall Updates and clear data. This will free phone memory.
  3. After uninstalling updates finally disable the application to increase phone storage.
    how to increase phone storage

List of Bolt Wares(Applications which should be disabled) :-

  • Drop Box
  • Galaxy Apps
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Plus
  • Hangouts
  • Google Play Books
  • Maps
  • Google Play services
  • Google Play Store

In the above list choice apps wisely which should be uninstalled and which should not. Many of users use Maps rarely or don’t need maps so they can uninstall maps but some users need it so, they should not. The apps may vary in your android phone or many of these apps are not installed in your phone. This article is not like stick to these apps only you have to look into your app list and get to know which apps can be uninstalled/disabled and which cannot.

Usually we doesn’t require google play services and play store on regular bases .So, we can surely uninstall the to free internal memory of android phone.

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If you don’t find left with apps to disable just open apps like facebook , instagram ,whatsapp etc and clear there data instead of uninstalling them. Clearing data will remove you old whatsapp messages but it is definitely better to clear messages instead of uninstalling the app. These steps will fix android storage space running out issue and will make space for apps on android.

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In conclusion, That’s all this is the most efficient and working way to fix android storage space running out issue for Non rooted phones which do not require any use of pc/laptop . There are several advance ways to solve the android storage space running out issue but they require phone root access and may brick your android phone. So stop searching for app to increase internal memory of android phone as they will ask root access. Share this with your friends perhaps many of them facing the  low internal memory issue and can’t able to install apps this will help them to make space for apps on their android phones.


Finally,Give this a try and comment your experience☺

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