Android Hardware Test Using Secret Codes And Apps

android hardware test for best android experience using hidden codes and this applications

Hey Guys!!! The most wonderful thing that you have with you, is that beast in your hand “Smartphone“, all loaded with stuffs and application. Their are a number of component which work hand-in-hand to give you the best experience. Lagging of even one of these can ruin the fun. So to keep on going with the best experience of your smartphone you need to know about its hardware components like wifi, Bluetooth, GPS , speakers, sensor, battery, screen, camera, NFC, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, light, Accelerometer,etc.. This specification lets you to enhance your experience on your android and you can play the top games in your android smartphone. You can use this android hardware test to buy a old smartphone and many more.

Fetching The Detailed Specification Using Android Hardware Test

Do you know how important the mobile specifications are? They are as important as you phones android version or RAM. So do compare Hardware of new phones before buying them and check each and every thing that you know. The chipsets manufacturer even can create a huge difference in the experience of a smartphone. Their are many phone review sites which give you free genuine information about new phones and mobile specifications. They give good mobile review which can help you getting best smartphone of your choice with all specifications that you require and use your smartphone conveniently. The best and trusted smartphone specs sites are listed below:

Android Hardware Test IN Depth

You can perform android hardware test to know that they are working efficiently or not. Know more about your phone gain best of experience from your phone. So to keep update about your smartphone’s hardware status that is every of the sensors are working in a proper manner or not. This android hardware test is not important for all, but it should be done in order to get maximum of your device and enhance performance of your smartphone . You should also test this before buying an old smartphone.

You can do this test in many ways, I will show the easiest and cheapest ones  to try and extract information about your device. So here we go..

Android Hardware Test Hidden Codes

android secrate code testing using apps and secrate codes

You can use some code on your phone to check for status of components of your device.

Try the following code in your  phone’s dialer as soon as you finish your code, the dialer will automatically execute and shows the corresponding results.

  1. *#06# :  gives IMEI no. of your device.
  2. *#0*# : Only for Samsung mobiles all in one test.
  3. *#7353# :   give you a list of various sensor to test like vibration, bluetooth, etc.
  4. *#0011# :   Gives information about SIM card status.
  5. *#0228# :   Gives battery status of your smartphone.
  6. *#7412365* : Give camera test.

Sometimes different mobile company may provide their different android hardware test code to display information about components of android phones of their respective companies. So if some code don’t work for you don’t worry the firmware is just not allowing the interface.


Their are many application available on play store which directly give you information about the status of your phones hardware components by performing android hardware test. You just have to download them from play store and give them permission to excess your phone and it will draw all information for you and display it on your screen.


  •  Z-Device Test : This app informs you about all hardware of your mobile phone. It reviews all basic parts like camera,GPS,etc.. All advanced sensor details like light sensor, proximity sensor, acceleratometer, etc. are also available. Informs you about its working and list all items with red or green tick. GREEN TICK indicates that the component is available or phone supports it. RED TICK indicates the unavailability or malfunctioning of the component. Its UI is not good but it provides you many important functions.
  • Phone Tester (android hardware info) by Miguel Torres: Another good app to be used its very easy and interactive application and test many of the parts and sensors of your device.
  • ANTUTU TESTER: App’s utility is limited to screen, battery and touch of smartphone but give many in-depth information about them.
  • SENSOR BOX: A simple app to check all available sensors and testing them.
  • PHONE DOCTOR PLUS: A app that has as many as 25 test’s for checking your phones sensors.

In conclusion, to optimize the experience from your smartphone you should check all its hardware’s status and its working to use application and games with best experiences using android hardware test. So go through some apps and make your phone better. If any question or query just drop a comment. Thanks for reading , show your love by sharing it with your friends.

Make your phone a better one just have an android hardware test!!!!!



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